AUGUST 18 thru 21 , 2016

You are invited to participate in a unique learning experience. The Great Lakes Primitives Gathering draws teachers and practitioner of primitive life skills together in a friendly, casual environment. Instructors and participants gather to share knowledge of ancient survival technologies, earth skills and art forms. Our goals are to preserve and pass on traditions with new friends and to renew old friendships.

The event will be held at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center. The event site has over 500 acres of wooded land and a lake for swimming and recreational water activities. Participants are advised to come Wednesday evening, to set up camp and attend welcome and orientation. Everyone is welcome to stay until Monday morning. Check our face-book page for updates.

Cedar Lake Outdoor Center is located at: 2500 Pierce Road, Chelsea, MI, 48118. For more information here is the web-site: www.muccyouthcamp.org

Camp Site

Camping is available on site with wooded primitive areas and more open sites suitable for RV’s. There are no RV hook ups at the CLOC. Bunk houses are available for those who prefer that type of accommodation or need facilities due to physical limitations. Fires are restricted to designated fire pit areas. Latrines and flushtoilets are on site. There are hot showers (on site, no fee)  and swimming for bathing. Handicap facilities available.

Trash receptacles and dumpsters are on-site for garbage as well as recycle bins. Please be responsible for your campsites and public areas. Please leave your campsites and general areas neat and tidy. Trash disposal is available at no additional charge.


The four day event will be semi-structured to offer opportunities for classes, recreation and relaxation.  It is suggested that you arrive on Wednesday afternoon or evening to set up camp, register and join our orientation program.  There will be activities and classes for adults and children of all ages. Prior experience or skill levels are not necessary to join activities. Let's kick back, relax, share and inspire! 


Registration includes all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) starting with dinner Wednesday thru Supper Sunday afternoon. Meals prepared on site by our own cooks Heidi Dayringer and Amy Wykes on site. Bring your own plates, bowls, cups and utensils. Washing stations will be provided. If you decide to come early or stay late, bring a cooler and food for those additional meals. Potable water is available. Options will be available for

vegetarians and gluten free folks.

What to Bring

Bring your tent, camping equipment, flashlight, chairs and rain gear (hope we won't need it). Bring appropriate foot ware, swimming suits and towels. Toys: atlatl, darts, bows, arrows, hatchets, slings,  boom-a-rang, bones, beads, fiber, tools, flint-knapping any activity or game you would like to share.

Musical instruments, for fun around the nightly camp fire.

Instructors and Classes

Teachers and practitioners of primitive life skills will gather to share knowledge of our ancestor's art forms and survival technologies that will promote and protect the local environment and preserve our natural resources.  Instructor biographies and class outlines will be published soon.  Classes will be scheduled with flexibility to allow participants amble time to finish their projects.  Bring an appropriate knife to the event.

If you are qualified and would like to teach a class or have a special skill to share, please let us know.  Contact us with a brief description of what you would like to teach, amount of time needed, class size limits,

material fees and any special accommodations.  Your application will be reviewed and considered by the Committee.

Trade Blanket and Raffle

Bring a $5-$10 item for name drawing and picking. Bring projects you have worked on or materials you would like to trade. Feel free to set up your own blanket to sell items.  Raffle tickets will be sold during the event and

there will be multiple items, donated by well known companies for you to choose from.


The Saturday evening Auction will be held after dinner and is open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to donate primitive/traditional items and participate in the Auction.  We are non-profit and the proceeds go towards supporting  our instructors, a group of talented artists and craftspeople. Historically articles such as baskets, leather goods, bows, atlatls, books, pottery, gourds, bone and bead items, fibers/felt items, carved items, stone arrow heads, have been donated. 

Menu, Instructors and Class Schedules coming soon.

Check  our facebook page and join our group :  Great Lakes Primitives Gathering 


Dale and Sue LaPointe, Phone: 248-669-0407, E-mail: sueviga1@hotmail

Philip Meister, Phone 989-450-9127, E-mail: zulumeister@yahoo.com

e-mail:    glpgathering@gmail.com

facebook:    Great Lakes Primitives Gathering