GREAT LAKES PRIMITIVES GATHERING invites you to participate in a unique learning experience.  Teachers and practitioners of primitive life skills gather to share knowledge of our ancestor's art forms and survival technologies. Classes and workshops are offered to share and preserve regional traditions and culture. This is an opportunity to learn ancient art forms and survival skills that will promote and protect the local environment and preserve our natural resources.

You are invited to join an educational experience in a relaxing environment with an affordable opportunity for everyone to enjoy.  We look forward to building the same temporary community and enjoying a laid back event in the tradition of the Great Lakes Primitives Gathering.   Prior experience or skill levels are not necessary to join these activities. Evening campfires will be a time to relax, share some stories, talent and get together with new friends and renew old friendships.  This is also a great learning opportunity for children.

A variety of classes and workshops will be offered.  Here is a sample:

 Environmental and Preservation Program: 
     Falconry and Birds of Prey, Plant identification, Edible Plants, "Fire"
in the Wild,       
     Outdoor survival methods

Workshops and Classes: 
     Making cordage with natural materials, knots and rope making, twine slippers,
     netting and uses for cordage
, flint-knapping, wooden mallets
     Fiber and felting, basketry, bead and bone work, soap making, cheese making
     History of hygiene and clothing

Children's activities and class schedules to be posted in the future

AUGUST 17 TO 20 th, 2017.

It is recommended to arrive on Wednesday Aug 16th
     To set up camp and attend the evening orientation  
      A simple dinner will be available Wednesday evening.
     Some folks wait to pack up and leave on Monday morning.

Cedar Lake Outdoor Center

Located at: 2500 Pierce Road, Chelsea, MI, 48118. For more information on the site, here is the web-site:

Event Fees: 

Adult:    $179.00                                            Postmarked  on or before July 31th    

Child:    $50.00      5-12 years old              Postmarked on or before  July 31th

Teens:  $135.00    13-17 years old            Postmarked on or before July 31th

Registration Fees include 3 meals a day for 4 days and dinner Wednesday.

Our mission is to offer an opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge of the land and pass on these traditions to protect and preserve the environment and our American Heritage.

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